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The EBOX range

Electric Bike Off-road Motocross - EBOX.

Stomp is proud to announce the introduction of its EBOX range. Designed by our engineers and product designers from the ground up to be lightweight, powerful and outperform any other sub £3000 bike on the market.

EBOX1: Featuring a 1.6 KW lithium battery / brushless motor combination that packs an astonishing punch. So-much-so that during development we had to add speed-controller adjustment because it was just too savage! The benefit is that EBOX1 can be controlled to perfection, dialled down for entry level riding and turned up when you are ready to clear that table. 

EBOX2: Not content with the performance from the over-boosted 1.6 kw EBOX1, we decided to tweak the chassis and install an over-boosted 2 kw rated powertrain that peaks at over 3 kw!! (As tested and reviewed by Suronster on youtube).. These modifications catapult the EBOX2 into electric pit bike class leading territory.