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Dragster Wheelie Bar

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So you want to learn to wheelie like an Instagram big dog? That is PRECISELY what the dragster wheelie bar was designed for! Bolt it on, adjust it to your preferred balance point, crack the throttle and settle in to the wheelies of your dreams. When you are comfy and ready start control training, dial in the rear brake and control the throttle together. Gently touch the longboard wheels down and ‘tickle’ the balance point until you feel your inner “wheelie ego” boosting. Finally you are ready to remove your training wheels and look like a pro. Once you have your one-wheel skills dialled in on the dragster, you can easily transfer them to any bike, petrol or electric.

Material: High tensile steel

4 point angle adjustment subframe

70mm x 51mm soft compound wheels

Bike Compatibility: Dragster

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Color Midnight Blue