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Dragster DID Chain

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Upgrade chain for Dragster DID.

DID manufacture the best performance chains in the world. So who better to partner with for EBOX upgrades than DID? If you are upgrading the power output of your bike or simply looking for a more durable chain for harsh riding conditions, this is the upgrade you need.

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Highly rigid and cutting-edge, the DID chain sets a new standard for top-tier performance. The 219HTZ chain, designed with precision for serious riders, incorporates our advanced SDH pin treatment technology. This innovative feature boasts a hard chromium carbide outer layer, ensuring structural integrity and enhancing the chain's lifespan. Additionally, the chain's soft inner core is engineered to absorb shock loads, making it an ideal choice for the demanding world of electric bike riding. Replace your standard chain with a DID chain on your EBOX Dragster.


Pitch: 219fth

Links: 108

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Color Midnight Blue