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About us

Stomp Pit Bikes was formed in 2006 by industry leading engineer and motorcycle enthusiast Marc Brotherton. An Engineering graduate with a decade in the automotive industry, Marc had obsessed over bikes since the age of 3 and in 2004 aged 29, was ready to start his own business.

After quickly accelerating the business and becoming the dominant force in the UK pit bike scene, by 2012 the Stomp team had already designed and built their first electric pit bikes. These first machines were assembled with Stomps partner and manufacturer Kayo. However, the available technology was simply too expensive or not robust enough and the consumer not quite ready.

The project was abandoned until 2019 when Marc’s business partner Mark Meredith resurrected it and began the discussions that brought EBOX to life.


Stepping up the game is what Stomp do best which is why we have dominated the pit bike scene in the UK for almost 20 years. 

With the rapid emerging popularity of electric dirt bikes, we knew it was finally time to bring the quality, high performance and affordable products we are known for to the electric market.

The EBOX brand was born and a class leading machine that ticked all the right boxes was ready to set new standards.

Benefitting from our comprehensive Stomp dealer network, in house product designers and years of accumulated racing and manufacturing knowledge, we believe the EBOX models are the best sub $3,000 electric bike on the market. 

The EBOX 1 and 2 are our first serious electric bikes to market, and they are already proving hugely popular with jaw dropping feedback and reviews from traders, consumers and influencers. A lot more is on the way, so don’t sleep on EBOX, it’s about to get WILD!